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Wedding planning & Coordination

Overview of our packages

Amidst the whirlwind of social commitments, work demands, and personal aspirations, the prospect of planning a wedding or event can easily become daunting.

Fear not, for your search ends here. At Signify Collective Planning, we understand the delicate art of balance, and we're here to help – whether you're seeking comprehensive wedding planning, partial coordination, or the magic of on-the-day orchestration. Our meticulously tailored packages cater to diverse visions, events, and budgets.

Captivated by the allure of beauty and fully aware that remarkable weddings are a result of intentional design, we're your dreamweavers. Our mission is to transform those dreams into tangible realities, crafting an experience that's not just stress-free but deeply enjoyable. Each fragment of your celebration, no matter how minute, is treated with the reverence it deserves.

Walking hand-in-hand with you, I tend to every aspect, ensuring that even the tiniest detail finds its place. Whether you've made some initial strides or are uncertain where to start, rest assured, there's a bespoke package tailored just for you.

Excited to delve into the intricate tapestry of our Full Wedding Planning package? Keep reading to explore the extensive list of responsibilities we take on.

To receive our comprehensive Wedding Planning & Coordination package, kindly take a moment to fill out the form below. Let's embark on this journey together.

Our services

Included but not limited to:


We start with an initial meeting to talk about what you want, your preferences, wedding style, and ideas. We'll also fill out a detailed questionnaire. We'll work on setting a budget and creating a spreadsheet to track everything. We'll help you pick a venue, talk about your personal style, and keep you in the loop with regular meetings, unlimited calls, and emails.



( Venue, Caterers, bar services, rentals, DJ, Photographers, Entertainment, Make up & Hair, Attire, Cake, Décor, Flowers, Stationery, marriage officiant etc)


​Our comprehensive wedding planning services encompass an array of vital tasks to ensure your wedding's seamless execution. From researching and suggesting suitable vendors to scheduling meetings, we actively engage in finding the best fit for your event. Our expertise extends to reviewing supplier packages and contracts, providing valuable insights into décor, floral, and stationery choices, and aiding in the selection and booking of vendors. Effective communication with vendors is maintained throughout the planning process, while meticulous attention is given to floor layouts and logistical arrangements.


We skillfully coordinate supplier deliveries and setup, orchestrating mock-ups and meetings as necessary. Our dedication extends to confirming details with suppliers and liaising with venue coordinators. We guide you through food and beverage choices, ensuring legal documentation is in order. Our detailed timelines and checklists keep everything on track, and we can obtain insurance certificates if required. In the final stages, we arrange and attend last-minute supplier meetings, and we participate in a walk-through at the reception venue to ensure all is set for the big day.


Personal assistance:

​Our services extend to ensuring a flawless and captivating bridal appearance. We provide invaluable assistance in selecting and coordinating bridal outfits and accessories, along with guiding the entire wedding party in their attire choices. Seamlessly arranging appointments and overseeing fittings, we also expertly manage the coordination of groom and groomsmen attire.

Our etiquette guidance ensures an elegant and refined atmosphere. To guarantee nothing is overlooked, we offer a personalized checklist of essential items for the wedding day. For your peace of mind, we have an Emergency Kit on-site, ready to address any unforeseen needs. Furthermore, we take care of transporting your personal items to the venues, ensuring a stress-free experience for all.


​Our services encompass the provision of a thorough and detailed rehearsal schedule, leaving no aspect to chance. Guiding the proceedings with expertise and care, we lead the rehearsal for a duration of up to one hour, ensuring that every element is precisely choreographed. Additionally, we skilfully coordinate the bridal party during the rehearsal, ensuring a smooth and synchronised performance that sets the stage for an enchanting wedding

Wedding Day:

​From the inception of your wedding, we meticulously handle a range of crucial tasks to ensure a seamless experience. Our dedicated team creates a comprehensive schedule for all suppliers, leaving no detail to chance. We monitor and oversee the preparation of the bridal party and the timely arrival of suppliers, guaranteeing a smooth start to your wedding. Thoroughly vetting supplier services, we ensure everything aligns with your vision.


Skillfully managing logistics, we arrange the table seating plan and ensure timely setup of areas. Our expertise extends to overseeing sound and lighting setups, creating the perfect ambiance for your wedding. With an eye for detail, we ensure the photographer captures every precious moment, and we document supplier delivery notes to maintain transparency. Our role also involves keeping a watchful eye on the wedding schedule, offering assistance to the bridal party, and ensuring prompt setup. To ensure a flawless execution, we collaborate closely with the MC in a comprehensive run-through.


​We play a pivotal role in curating a flawless ceremony experience. Our commitment starts with verifying that decor and floral arrangements align with your quoted vision. Creating an captivating ambiance, we personally light candles, setting the stage for a magical atmosphere. Ensuring the punctuality of the officiant, we coordinate the entire ceremony, from the seamless progression before, during, and after the event. We pay special attention to seating key family members, ensuring they're well-placed to witness your special moment.


Thoughtfully orchestrating flower distribution, we ensure flower bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres are impeccably presented. Our discerning eye oversees every element of ceremony decor, and we manage the processional and recessional with precision. Amidst these pivotal moments, we provide unwavering support to the bride, attending to her final details, and we expertly coordinate the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Guaranteeing a polished appearance, we skillfully adjust dresses and oversee the bridal party's entrance, ensuring a seamless flow. From calming nerves to ensuring all elements align perfectly, we are your trusted partners in creating a wedding ceremony that's both flawless and deeply meaningful.


​Our dedicated team ensures a seamless event by overseeing various important tasks. From arranging transportation for the couple to closely monitoring the event schedule, we ensure a smooth flow. Guiding guests between locations and providing refreshments for the couple during photos enhances the overall experience. We also assist guests with gift placement and answer their questions. With precision, we serve pre-reception drinks and delightful canapés, creating a memorable culinary experience.


Clear communication is maintained by updating the MC and venue manager on schedules, ensuring cohesive event management. We add elegance by lighting candles before guests enter the reception, creating an enchanting ambiance. Lastly, we ensure a smooth transition into the reception by promptly seating all guests.



​Our comprehensive approach encompasses a wide array of responsibilities to ensure a flawlessly executed event. From scrutinizing setup, seating arrangements, and decor, to confirming both church/ceremony and reception embellishments, we meticulously handle every detail. Managing intricate main table elements and thoughtfully placing name cards, menus, and gifts, we leave no stone unturned. Our adept coordination extends to liaising with the MC, DJ, and caterers to guarantee a seamless event timeline. Ensuring both family and guest seating is organized impeccably, we collaborate with all vendors to provide comprehensive coverage. Orchestrating the bride and groom's entrance, we skillfully oversee the site, musicians, photographers, and other essential components. From monitoring meal and drink service to expertly managing the cake topper, knife set, and glasses, our attention to detail is unwavering. We encourage guest book signings, supervise gift arrangements, and ensure seamless speech cues. Timely entertainment coordination and addressing guest inquiries are second nature to us. We expertly guide the first dance, assist the bride with dress adjustments and bathroom breaks, and oversee the garter and bouquet toss. Ensuring the suppliers are well taken care of, we diligently collect and deliver gifts to assigned recipients. Additionally, we manage floral arrangements according to the bride's preferences, ensuring a harmonious and delightful event.

Final recon:

Upon the conclusion of the wedding, we provide a comprehensive full report that encapsulates every aspect of the wedding. This includes a reconciliation of all elements, ensuring transparency and a clear overview.

Additionally, we conduct a thorough analysis to identify and account for any potential additional expenses that may have arisen. Our commitment to detail ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the wedding's financial aspects, allowing you to fully appreciate the successful execution of your special day.

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