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Meet Danica

Embark on the journey of a lifetime – your wedding day. While many envision the breathtaking dress, the enchanting ring, and the dazzling details, my dream was distinct. I aspired to be the architect of dreams, the mastermind behind the magic. A decade has elapsed, yet I'm still enveloped in my passion, weaving love stories into reality.

My heart finds its rhythm in the realm of events and weddings, where the thrill of collaboration ignites my spirit. Partnering with couples to breathe life into their visions is my ultimate joy.

I honed my craft through rigorous studies at the International Hotel School, immersing myself in the art of Hospitality management.


Over the past ten years, I've curated a wealth of experience across diverse facets: from the intricacies of food & beverage to the finesse of hospitality, from orchestrating customer experiences to the meticulous choreography of event & wedding management. With this expertise, I'm poised to enrich your journey.

Branded as "highly pedantic" and ardently detail-oriented, I join forces with a battalion of trusted suppliers. Together, we form an alliance of love, care, and professionalism that will cradle you throughout this voyage. Rest assured, the cherished dreams of your childhood will gracefully transform into a tangible, cherished reality.

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Its all about you..

It's your world, your love story, and the essence of who you are that we center our craft around. Your individuality and shared vision for the perfect day fuel my passion, and I thrive on the art of seamlessly harmonizing every element.

Guidance and support are my unwavering companions as we journey through the stages of planning, from the first inklings of fear to the boldest of ideas, from the stress to the tears. Each nuance contributes to crafting an indelible day, one that's etched with memories for you and your beloved.

With me as your planner, I shoulder the weight of organizing, logistics, design, and concept, all while providing you the guidance and reassurance you crave. Your role becomes one of relaxation and immersion, savoring every pre-wedding moment and cherishing every second of the day itself, surrounded by your closest.

As I weave together the threads of suppliers, contracts, and design, the time you save is a priceless gift. Your trust empowers me to safeguard your interests, ensuring budgets are upheld and contracts meticulously managed. The culmination is a wedding that's not only meticulously planned but flows seamlessly and punctually, leaving no room for errors and allowing you to embrace every moment with joy.


I would love to hear your love story and what brought you to my page...


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